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The final week of the summer term Contents is said by many to be their favourite week of the year. With 111 events planned, and over 15,000 audience members expected, King’s Week 2018 promises to be another fabulous festival. In its 67th year, King’s Week strives to provide pupils with opportunities to perform, create and present; to build confidence and encourage competence, as well as inspiring all of us to reach for the top. Whether it be art or sport, drama or music, academia or cooking, King’s Week is a celebration to nurture pupil talent and highlight pupil success.

This year, Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew will be performed in the historic setting of the Memorial Court, by the Norman Staircase. The Junior King’s School will bring its own version of Arabian Nights to the same setting, whilst St Mary’s Hall will host an adaptation of The Beggar’s Opera, KiDaCo and our very own King’s Footlights.

There will be music aplenty, ranging from classical concerts such as the Serenade (at the earlier time of 8.30pm), the Gala Symphony Concert, Virtuosi and Monteverdi’s Vespers, to the more modern music of Steely Dan in the Beerling Hall and The Long Faces in the Green Court marquee. There will also be opportunities to enjoy the incredible food from the King’s Week Kitchen, as well as amazing art to appreciate, lectures to attend, vintage vehicles to admire and the Green Court to adore.

As you can tell, the plethora of opportunities for pupils (and for you) appears to be endless, but I fear my words here do not do it justice. Instead, the following pages highlight the main events, sorted by category, and I urge you to read them carefully before ticket sales go live at 1pm on May 3rd. King’s Week is not simply entertainment, it is more importantly a learning and living experience for all. Share in our celebration and stay for the week!

Robert Sanderson (King’s Week Manager)
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